Montessori Elementary I (Lower Elementary) Teacher Planner 2018-2019
These sheets are designed to support Montessori Teachers in discussing what is coming up, what needs to change, who needs to be contacted, what special things a child may need, and how the transformation of the teacher is coming along.
It is always great to have your important reference information in one place. These sheets are designed to do just that.  Journal pages help the Montessori teacher always have journaling pages handy at school.
Observation was the beginning of all Montessori's work and should the the basis of all Montessori Teacher's work.  These 15 different form support a Montessori Teacher in finding just the right observation tool for the occasion.
Without proper planning a classroom cannot run properly.  These beautiful and functional planning pages support the Lower Elementary Teacher in having a great plan for each week.

Montessori Elementary I (Lower Elementary) Teacher Planner 2018-2019

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A Yearlong planner for use by Elementary I (Lower Elementary) Montessori Teachers.  Have all your Classroom Management needs including Large and Small Group Lesson Planning, Calendaring, Journaling, Observations, Reflections, and Weekly Teaching Team Meeting Notes in one place.  Contact to individualize with your school's logo. Created by a Certified Montessori Teacher for Montessori Teachers and schools.

Features of this product include:

  • Each 2 Page Calendar Spread has a notes panel on the right that helps with any needed information about Walks-Around-the-Sun’s coming up, as well as any special field-trips or in class visitors coming.  A great way to have contact information and notes about these occasions right where you need them.
  • Journaling pages included for every week - this helps since journals are always here and there, never at school.
  • Planning Pages - these planning pages have been a favorite for all the EL 1 teachers I have worked with and were developed in a 1 - 3 grade classroom.  They are made to support anywhere from 10 - 36 children in a classroom.  There are several spaces for Small Group Lessons - here you indicate what area of the classroom you are covering, the name of the lesson, the date it was given, the follow-up choices, the follow-up choice chosen by each student, and there is a space for you to mark when you have checked their follow-up choice.  There is also legend that helps you remember if the student attended the lesson, if they were absent, if that lesson needs to be moved to next week or made an individual lesson for a student, if they need a representation, if they refused a lesson, if you need to check for mastery of something, or if you need to check created work.  These pages also have spaces for Individual Presentations and Representations.  There are planning pages for the following areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, and Cultural (everything else).
  • Large Group Lesson Planning Sheets for each week with space to keep track of who was absent for Lesson
  • Sheets for Weekly Teacher Meetings - These pages include important questions for the teaching team to discuss together such as upcoming activities, concerns to address with parents or staff, Grace and Courtesy focuses and how those are going, types of parent communication being used this week, environmental changes and preparations, on and off the shelf planning, etc.
  • End of Month Reflection Pages - I love this part of the planner.  As a teacher I can ask myself how I am changing, how am I doing, and how the class as a whole is doing
  • Focused Prioritized Observation Pages and Support Plans - these sheets help you write down the students in the classroom with the most behavioral AND academic need, and look for ways to support them.  These sheets support the teaching and administrative team in observation, journaling, and data collection for tier 2 & 3 support.
  • End of Year Reflection Pages - This sheet allows you to put your thoughts down somewhere you will not loose them.
  • Observation Packet - at the back of each planner is an observation packet.  This includes 15 Observation Tools and Prescription Writing with examples to support a Montessori teacher in the classroom.  The teacher can make copies of the Observation Tool to use as a support for observation collection.
  • The entire planner is a natural data collection document.  Every time a child needs a representation or individual lesson it is recorded (counts as data).  Every time a child is on the Focused Prioritized list it is recorded (that is data).  Every time a child is part of a recorded observation or journal entry that can also count as data.  Every time a child is mentioned in the Weekly Teacher Meeting and especially when changes are made in the environment over and over it is recorded (that is data).  This planner is truly meant to support our students in getting all the help they need while helping us keep our head on straight.
  • Looseleaf, Three-Hole Drilled & Shrink-wrapped to support individual needs of teachers and insertion of observation and other information.